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Cordoba Monumental Tour

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We will meet our driver in our hotel lobby in Seville and travel 90 minutes to Córdoba. On arrival we will meet our local guide to embark on a walking tour around Córdoba’s city center. We will be sure to visit the Mezquita, originally a pagan temple, later converted into the great mosque of the Ummayad caliphate and finally transformed into a Catholic church with many Moorish traits. We will explore the winding side streets of the old Jewish quarter, visit the Alcázar of the Catholic kings, wander up the Callejón de las Flores and cross the Guadalquivir over Córdoba’s Roman bridge. At lunchtime we will say goodbye to our guide and enjoy a delicious meal in one of our favorite local restaurants. After lunch we will have a bit more time to explore before we meet our driver and return to Seville.

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