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Excursion to Avila and Segovia

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During this tour we will discover two of the oldest cities of Spain, Ávila and Segovia, both World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Leaving from Madrid, we will head to Ávila, located 1 hour and 20 minutes away from the capital. Ávila is the place of origin of great personalities like Santa Teresa de Jesús or San Juan de la Cruz. Once in the city we will be greeted by its stunning views of the walls of the eleventh century, the oldest and most complete fortified in Spain. In the city we will enjoy a tour on the outside of the Cathedral, the Basilica of San Vicente (also inside), the Plaza Mayor and the Convent Museum of Santa Teresa. After the visit we will go to Segovia on a journey that will last about 1 hour. Upon reaching the city the first thing we will do is admire its famous Roman aqueduct. Then we will enjoy lunch in a traditional Castilian restaurant where we will taste the famous cochinilllo” (roasted pig). Later, we will explore one of the most important medieval settlements of Spain, from which we will visit the Gothic cathedral and the Alcázar, the most spectacular castle in the country.

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