Fancy discovering the magical medieval city of Girona and the home of Dalí?

Girona and Figueres Tour

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During this full-day tour we will visit two great cities located north of Barcelona: Girona, monumental city with one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe and Figueres, place where we will find the fascinating Dalí Museum-Theatre. Firstly, we will drive to Girona, considered one of the cities with the most history and charm in Spain. We will stroll through the old historic center and the most picturesque areas, visit the Cathedral, which dates from the 11th century and whose interior includes the widest Gothic nave in the world, discover the Benedictine Abbey of Sant Pere dels Galligants… Then we will head over to Figueres to visit the Dalí Museum-Theatre, the largest surrealistic object in the world, which occupies the old municipal theater of the town, destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The museum is already a work of art in itself, but also houses many famous works by Dalí, one of the most iconic painters of the twentieth century.

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