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In the Costa Brava and Empordà region, there is a landscape that can be eaten. Gastronomy is geography, history and culture. Tasting the products of a territory is getting to know its customs and traditions. With this tour we will travel through the territory in search of oils, wines, curds, sweet food and other products that are the result of the effort and expertise of its people. Depending on the season and the day of the week we will have the opportunity to visit a local extra virgin olive producer, stroll through the stalls of a local market in a small village, or learn about and taste “recuit de drap”, one of the most appreciated desserts of l’Empordà region, a type of fresh cheese of soft paste drained and wrapped in a cloth of cellulose, it looks great with honey or sugar. After this special morning visiting places, tasting local products and meeting their producers, we will suggest to end the experience having lunch in a restaurant which offers a committed cuisine inspired in the essence of la Costa Brava and l’Empordà, where we will also taste some of the best local wines.

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