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The ancient villages of Ullastret and Empúries

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During this tour, together with our expert guide in history, we will travel back in time and visit two of the most valuable archaeological sites of Catalonia and Spain. Firstly, we will head to the town of Ullastret, the largest Iberian settlement discovered so far in Catalonia. The city, flanked by towering walls, served as the capital of all the Indiketa territory and was also the centre of an important commercial interchange with Empúries, another impressive place that we will visit next. Located only 25 kms to the north, we will reach Empúries, a very important old city on the Mediterranean coast which today is the most important Greek archaeological site in Spain and the biggest Greek ruins outside Greece. Later it became a Roman settlement. During this fascinating historical tour we will learn about how these people once lived. We will follow in their footsteps as we explore their streets, houses, temples and markets… After the visit, we will enjoy an aperitif in a hotel inaugurated in 1907 overlooking the sea and originally conceived to accommodate the first archaeologists who worked at the ruins of the Greco-Roman site of Empúries.

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